Are you Ok?

Today was a rather hectic day. I had to bail on an invitation because I had too much handling and just didn’t see how I could maneuver all without neglecting what really mattered.

I’m now sitting in the chair in my bedroom snuggled up with my book and thinking about how as adults we have to make tough decisions so that our lives are not uprooted in the long run. We are given tasks, responsibilities and what ever we decide has a dominoe effect on something else. In all the hustle and bustle remember that you have to think about you. Are you okay? Those are the words my toddler asked me…. Sometimes I wonder what old soul has occupied his body he’s very thoughtful.

It’s no good to do everything else and not be Ok.

Create a balance…. I’m still trying to create it.

Are you Ok?

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Hi, My name is Dee. I recently found myself reading books, something that wasn't a favorite past-time of mine. I read mostly self help books which really changed my outlook on life. Since then I want to share with everybody how reading a page changed my life for the better. I no longer feel depressed and or struggle with anxiety.

2 thoughts on “Are you Ok?”

  1. Aww that’s such a nice thing to do, to check on people in the blogosphere. I’m doing all right, and am wishing a great time for you too. Yeah, we always have to make tough decisions, so here’s to making the best out of ours.

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