Binge worthy Spanish films (#Netflix and Chill) 🍿

I got a notification 🔔 prompt today indicating that one of my Spanish series; Season 2 is airing tomorrow. I’ve already shared how hectic things are, I’m not sure how I’ll juggle that along with reading 2 books at once. I figured I’d share my unhealthy obsession with foreign language related movies. At first I was turned off my subtitles but baby listen overtime you’ll swear you’re a Spanish expert and you’ll follow the movies to the T. I also love that the movies have more episodes other than regular movies you’d watch….

I love my Columbian 🇨🇴 or Spanish focus films 🎬. They’re mostly centered around the cocaine industry. I think I have seen a thousand ways of how the drug business is run. No this is not the time and or the place and I’m not considering entering into it. Focus, I’m sharing my all-time favorite movies on Netflix and I hope you’ll check them out:

These are in no particular order,

1. La Reina del Sur

After years of blood, sweat and tears, a woman from humble beginnings finds herself in the perilous position of being a legend in drug trafficking. FYI anything that Kate Castillo is in is top notch.

2.Enemigo Intimo

A brother and sister were tragically separated at a young age and cross paths as strangers several years later on opposite sides of the law.

3.Sin Senos Si Hay Paraiso

A poor girl seeks revenge on the Mafia who tries to separate her family… Who has the wits and guys to stand up to the Drug Lord- she does.


First Lady of Mexico who, of course, ends up embroiled in plenty of political scandals. And if del Castillo looks familiar, that’s because you might recall she made headlines over the past few years for publicly supporting the Mexican druglord Joaquín Guzmán Loera, better known as El Chapo


Spoiled rich kids, love triangle, death….

6. Grand Hotel

This movie is based in the 1900’s Servant goes to Aristocatic hotel to find about the murder of his sister. He not only gets the help of the daughter of the owner but also falls in love. This is unheard of no servant is good enough for their daughter or so they think….

These are just my top 6️⃣. Do you watch Spanish films on Netflix? Let’s talk…

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2 thoughts on “Binge worthy Spanish films (#Netflix and Chill) 🍿”

  1. I’ve never watched any Spanish films, I think I’d struggle to follow with subtitles because I tend to struggle to focus on TV all the time. I’m probably guilty at looking at my phone too much, too!

    Corinne x


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