Are you still there? Blogmas Day 16

It’s funny as things seemed to be going great for my blog weird things starts to happen. I finally got some time to check out my favorite blogs, engage and check out the latest happenings.

I’m shocked to learn that I’m no longer able to view my followers. I am not sure if anyone is still here. If you’re still around I’d appreciate it if you not only liked this post but also comment.

I’m just going to take this as an opportunity to start over. Life happens I guess. I have so many things planned out for this blog/website. I’m currently working on my logo and the whole look and feel of it. I’m excited and I can’t wait for you all to see it.

Until Next Post….



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Hi, My name is Dee. I recently found myself reading books, something that wasn't a favorite past-time of mine. I read mostly self help books which really changed my outlook on life. Since then I want to share with everybody how reading a page changed my life for the better. I no longer feel depressed and or struggle with anxiety.

5 thoughts on “Are you still there? Blogmas Day 16”

  1. You weren’t showing up in my reader so I had to actually come into your profile to see the posts. The day you did the name change I noticed you had disabled the comment section and wasn’t sure if that was planned.

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    1. No it wasn’t. I’ve been in dialogue with WordPress since all that happened and they’ve finally figured out what I was talking about. Turned out I had two feeds hence u weren’t seeing me in your feeder. They’ve since merged and now you’re able to. Thanks for letting me know. Appreciate it 😊

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