Do we really know our best friends?

I just watched “A Simple Favor” on Netflix starring Blake Lively, I’ve loved her since Gossip Girl.

Do we really know our friends?

Blake plays the role of a snobbish school mom, Emily, who would make any soccer mom feel they’re not cool enough.

Stephanie is that mom who is always engaged very familiar with the schedules and activities ended up being “friends” or best friends even with Emily through the budding friendship that both their sons had formed and so had play dates together.

Emily and Stephanie had a strange relationship. They’d share secrets over dey Martini and causal banter. Emily’s husband was a struggling writer , both seemed to have it all figured out and the chemistry was there between them. Stephanie had lost her husband in a car accident and haven’t been dating anyone recently.

As mom’s we all need that one friend who understands the vigors of parenting, someone who understands that not all the time you want to “mom”. Stephanie was great, she had her Mommy vlog where she shared tips and tricks that can help other fellow mom’s. She would find her self doing these favours of picking up Emily’s son from school if she’s running late or her husband was out of town.

Things took a turn when one of those favours ended up with Emily missing for days. Of course Stephanie the concerned friend did all she could with trying to figure out what had happened, everything started falling into place and Stephanie is left to wonder. Do I really know this person with whom I’ve shared my deepest darkest secrets with?

I honestly did expect the plot twist. It’s a good watch. I’d give it


Until Next time

Dee xoxo

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Hi, My name is Dee. I recently found myself reading books, something that wasn't a favorite past-time of mine. I read mostly self help books which really changed my outlook on life. Since then I want to share with everybody how reading a page changed my life for the better. I no longer feel depressed and or struggle with anxiety.

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