I’m Dee; I recently started reading books just to burn time while being in Quarantine. Let’s be honest Covid-19 has really taken most people outside of their comfort zone and reading wasn’t on top of my list. I had signed up to Audible once or maybe twice with separate emails just to get that free trial lol . I said we were being honest here so don’t go blabbing. I no longer have audible because I got bored ;yes I get bored easily and I also like to try new things. The books started out fun while it lasted. I downloaded Kindle recently with hopes of getting into this new hobby and so far I have read maybe 4/5 books. I loved the books that I read, mostly thriller and mystery books. You can say those are my favorites. I am also trying this blogging thing. I hope that you will forgive my grammatical errors while I try to perfect my craft.

Deetheory will be the blog space where you can get advice, tips, book reviews, and just thoughts that are on my mind. I’m hoping that at least one person who comes across this space will know its a safe space we all experience life in different ways but at the end of the day, there’s hope.

Everybody is on this road called life but your journey is unique to you. Some people will be driving on smooth surfaces while you’re trying to stay on course due to the number of potholes and turbulence, just know that once you reach your destination it’ll be all worth it. Trust the process.You can overcome any situation as long as you put that effort into being your best self you’ll receive good outcomes.A Positive mindset develops Positive Outcomes.

Lets be friends read my blog leave a comment and let’s chat.