Update: Covid Experience

So you guys know that I’ve been free of the Covid-19 virus for two years but caught it a week or so ago. I must say that outside of the positive test I wouldn’t know that I was actually carrying this virus. I woke up feeling awful, that’s typical when I have bad sinus days. … Continue reading Update: Covid Experience

I tested positive

Almost one year ago I shared with you about my Exposure to Covid-19 . Today I come back after being cautious scared almost of catching this virus because I’ve seen and heard the horror stories with a Covid positive test result. It took me a good ten minutes to fully register the results after I … Continue reading I tested positive

Learn French with Deetheory

Hi Friends, I just completed my first Newcomer Course 1 in French. I am now able to have basic dialogue with anyone in French. I’m still getting a hang of the pronunciations but Im having fun while doing so. Click the link and join me.

Happy Birthday 🎉 – I signed up for Spanish and French Lessons-

Hello friends, 2022 is off to a great start. My word for this year is Intentional. Intentional– according to Google -adjective – done on purpose; deliberate. This year I want to be Intentional with everything that I want. I am going to be intentional with my job, family, my relationships and overall my goals. I … Continue reading Happy Birthday 🎉 – I signed up for Spanish and French Lessons-

Hello 2022!

Hi friends, It’s the 3rd day of the week, month and year. Welcome to 2022, nothing much has changed and we are still in a pandemic. It’s rather interesting that almost two years in and this pandemic keeps getting worse, we’ve been experiencing different variants people are still not following the protocols and the government … Continue reading Hello 2022!

Blogmas Day 9-12

Ok so this has not worked out as I hoped. The internet service where I’m at is out of pocket. What I’ll do is make the posts and then once service allows I will publish. Day 9 I moved to a different location. My family is way up north. The weather is what I’d call … Continue reading Blogmas Day 9-12


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