Blogmas Day 8πŸ₯³πŸ’—


Bullet Journaling- What’s that?

Hi friend’s,

The last time we spoke I shared how I’ve started a new hobby. Handlettering is going great I can definitely see progress with my writing I’m more cognizant of upstrokes and downstrokes. I’m even trying to add little doodles to my pieces that I share to Instagram designsbysixty5. I’ve noticed that the more I learn and see the amazing pieces being shared by the many profiles , I have to remind myself that I have to take it slowly and practice overtime my muscle memory will kick in and I will ensure that all my letters are uniformed, my strokes are the right width. Frankly,up to this minute I didn’t know how technical handlettering could be or was. I just saw beautiful words/letters mixed with a little art on paper. News flash it’s none of those things. It takes time, I’ve already gotten supplies as per the many recommendations and I’m currently banning myself from making another brush pen or any handlettering material from Amazon.

It’s like I’m back at school again and I want to get all the cool pens and stationery. I’ve even found myself looking at bullet journals. I already have a planner that I love it’s April I mean the year has pretty much started it’s too late to start another journal. It’s something I’d like to try as soon as Ive learned the mechanics of it. My Kit Life planner has prompts and it’s pretty straightforward so it works.

Do you use a bullet journal? What kind of planner do you use? I have over 6 planner in my Amazon Cart I’m not sure which one to choose as yet. The most expensive is $12 I’m not going any higher than that because I’m not sure if I will go full on with this thing. I’m thinking let it wait out the year until I’ve learned as much as I can about Bujo. I will continue to live vicariously through the accounts I follow on IG and watch on Youtube.

Until next time,

Keep safe!

Dee xoxo

Coping in a Pandemic

Hey friends,

It’s been a minute. Working from home paired with other demands has me very busy. I decided to check the many notifications that I’ve missed since my last post.

The blog is growing and people are engaging with the posts I’ve made and that is good. Thank you really, it’s much appreciated.

Today wasn’t a good day for me, I was so overwhelmed I locked myself in my room, I guess I cried 😭 for maybe a few hours. Now I don’t know what came over me but I felt so much better after. I was thinking unkind thoughts ,between work home the current pandemic the news. It was just too much.

Check on your strong friends we are not okay. I was a part of a meeting this week where a team member shared how people are not coping in this pandemic our realities have changed we’ve lost loved ones, jobs, the uncertainty of not knowing what will happen next is just too much. When I heard this person speak I didn’t know or think that for a minute I was going through the motions. No one checked on me but a notification from this blog post that I wrote last year prompted me to reflect and refocus my bearings.

I just want you to reach out to someone if you need to talk clear your head. Ask for help, too often we allow pride from giving us that break that is so badly needed.

I’m not at a 100% but I’m still alive.

I hope you are okay, alive and well.

Until next post,

Stay safe

Dee xoxo

Exposure to Covid19-My Experience

It was a Thursday afternoon when I received the call from a Doctor on the Covid19 hotline, she asked me my name and told me that someone who I have been in contact with had the Covid-19 virus. Shock, disbelief everything that could go worong flashed before my eyes. I immediately thought of the person who was now a victim of this deadly virus. A close family member who had just been released from the hospital. I was the one who broke the news to them. What now ? I excused myself from the office after telling my assistant and my immediate supervisor.

I had to go home. I needed to break the news to my family. As a mom you worry about your child and you would do everything to protect them. I felt awful, I didn’t want to hurt my child. The Doctor who made the call was reassuring she sent an email with a quaarantine order immediately had us scheduled for a test to see if any of us had the virus. Thankfully the results were all negative. We were still asked to remain in quarantine just in case.

My family member with whom I was exposed was also quarantined and isolated. It was a challenging few weeks. We made it work. I am still shocked how many people take this virus as a hoax. While we are all ok and not experiencing any symptoms we are still being cautious.

Covid19 is not a joke. I want you all to continue to remain vigilant. It is true to treat each and every person with whom you come in contact with as if they already have the virus.

1.Keep your distance

2. Wash Your Hands every chance you get

3. Wear Your Mask

4. If you are experiencing any symptoms, stay home and call your medical advisor or a Covid Hotline in your area and wait for instructions.

I have decided to take a mental break until February. My experience and outcome though favorable has really affected me. I can’t stress this enough keep your loved ones close and dear. If you’re not able to see them call. Video calls were very helpful in the two weeks I was stuck at home.

Continue to keep safe!, We will catch up in February.

Until Next Post…


Happy New Year πŸŽ† 🍾 πŸŽŠ

We’ve made it!

Happy New Year 🎊

Not many people can say that. πŸ™ Let’s pause to remember all those who we’ve lost in 2020. We pray and hope their souls are at rest. πŸ•ŠοΈ

I’m looking forward to seeing what this year will bring. I have a few goals that I want to achieve this year and I’m looking forward to that.

I want to continue sharing with this medium. I have several plans for this blog and I hope you’ll stick around to see the developments. It’s been great 😊.

Thank you Friends of Deetheory

Thanks for sticking with me in 2020. Almost 3️⃣ months in 100 friends laterπŸŽŠπŸŽ‰. Thank you all so much.

Until Next Post,πŸ₯‚


20 Lessons- 2020 My Year in Review

2020 has been a rollercoaster year. It was pretty challenging, to say the least, and if I’m being honest I’d say that I’m extremely proud of how resilient I’ve become.

Here are a few things that I learnt in 2020 :

1. You can Do anything You want – I’ve developed this Can Do attitude over the months in  2020, no longer am I shying away from tasks but I’m taking each challenge as we go along. I’ve learnt to do so much in this pandemic. One thing I’ve learnt was that of my nails. I’m enjoying doing my nails at home. I’ve saved a lot and I plan on continuing.

2. Asking for Help – It’s okay to ask for help. It doesn’t mean you’re weak but this proves that while you Can there’s someone out there who can give that added push that you’ll always need.

3. Family is Everything: This pandemic forced a lot of people to find out who their family was. People can now see who they’re married to what kind of children did they bring into the world etc, This pandemic allowed me time to learn certain nuisances about my partner as well as showed me that family is important.

4. I’m not a Patient person: Teachers deserve all the salary that they ask for and then some. I hated zoom classes, yes there were good days but the tedious operation of the zoom classes was just too much. The teachers who conducted the classes have the level of patience that I can only dream of achieving.

5. Being A Stay at Home mom is not something I’d ever want to do. I lift my hats off to every stay at home mom out there. You all are super heroes. The many nuisances that happens with being a stay at home mom I am not built for. Give me the briefcase I’ll bring home the bacon. The tasks are too tedious and cumbersome.

6. It’s Ok to say No. No is not a bad word. Saying No without further elaborations is good.

7. You Need an Outlet – This in the form of friends, a blog, and or a diary. Your mental health is very important and you have to take care of yourself. It’s always good to share with your friends about a problem that you’re having. Built-up anger and all sort of emotions can eat away at your well being.

8. There is no I in Team. I’ve hated working in groups since college. Working in teams has been a challenge and through the year I’ve realized that the saying “The Chain is as strong as it’s the weakest link ” is true.


9. Rest: Rest is very important. Getting 8 hours of sleep does wonders for your body and mental state.

10. Exercise: It’s important to keep active. I haven’t been as active over the months and I’m paying for it. I took for granted moving about climbing stairs or walking to get something at the store for granted. I’ve changed this and going into the new year I want to commit at least 30 minutes a day to some form of exercise.


11. Saving: I’ve saved a lot and from that habit of saving I was able to take myself out of a few gutters. Thankfully we’ve made it to the 30th day of December. Bill collectors aren’t knocking at my door. It’s important to have a proper budget. See my tips here.

12. Spending time with family and Friends: It took the lockdown to make me realize how much I needed a break just to relax and destress. Take the time you need to relax.

13. Reading: I saw someone share on social media how many books they’ve read in 2019 and I was impressed because that person had a busy schedule ,mom and business and found the time to read. I took the challenge, gave myself 5 books to read. I checked today on GoodReads I have read a total of 15 books in 2020. Reading gives a different perspective on life. It’s also fun.

GoodReads -Deetheory

16. Treat Yourself: You’ve worked hard accomplished a few goals it’s okay to treat yourself to something that you’ve always wanted. It will do you the world of good.

17. Birthdays: Birthdays are very important. This is your day and your day only. Make it special for you. Don’t wait on someone to make it special for you.

18. Work : I love work. At least I have a love hate relationship for work πŸ˜†. Who else gets to work from home and calls their boss to let them know that you want to come in an extra day. I love work, I love what I do.

19. I’m Spoilt: I knew this all along πŸ˜†. I’m very picky about everything and I’m easily annoyed. I know what I want and if you can’t give it ,I get it myself.

20. It’s Ok to Start Over: Things happened in 2020 that has made me realize that life is not perfect. I’m in control of my destiny. I can always rip the page out start a new chapter and move forward. Yes, human nature will make you feel disappointed but instead of holding onto that feeling give thanks for the experience and the lessons learned. Chances are you’ll never make the same mistakes again. Always have a positive outlook on things.

How was your 2020?

What stood out for you?

Did you learn anything new?

Until Next Post,