Happy Birthday 🎉 – I signed up for Spanish and French Lessons-

Hello friends,

2022 is off to a great start. My word for this year is Intentional.

Intentional– according to Google -adjective – done on purpose; deliberate.

This year I want to be Intentional with everything that I want. I am going to be intentional with my job, family, my relationships and overall my goals.

I often see people sharing the amazing things they have achieved while managing their chaotic lives and frankly that’s something I’ve always admired and wanted for myself. They’ve motivated me to be my best self. I am my biggest motivator and competitor if I want it I can achieve it.

The last time I did French, was in the 8th grade, many moons ago and well Spanish was a fave of mine ,I did it up to first year of College. Last year, someone I followed on twitter , shared how they were able to learn a new language on the app Babbel and Duolingo . Both apps are available on the App and Playstore, they’re free with option to get more if you purchase plans. They’re offering crazy discounts if you sign up for a year plan. I’ve done both and so far so good and I am learning a new language.

Yesterday was my birthday 🥳 🎉🎈🎊. Every year as a gift to myself I purchase something or giveaway something special. This year I kind of went ham and got myself a new IPhone. Yep! Kind of crazy I know. I still love Android of course I still have my Samsung 6S Lite. That’s my baby ☺️. I have been ignoring the itch of getting the new IPad 9 even when Apple and all those sites kept on sending me the discount codes. I have decided that I will not be making anymore purchases for now.

They’re other goals that I would love to achieve in 2022 and beyond and managing my finances will help me to realize those dreams.

I’m excited to learn both French and Spanish. Join me on this journey. Let’s be friends and challenge each other on the respective platforms. Both offers beginner to advance levels and you can schedule your lessons depending on your daily routine. I do 10 and 15 minute sessions and I love that the app also offers practice and live sessions so that I can interact with people who are pretty much beginners.

Happy New Year 🎊

Welcome to Deetheory

Until Next Post…



Happy Birthday to the King of Reggae – Bob Marley

Even in death his memories lives on. As a child growing up his music belted from the airwaves, mom and dad loved dancing to his music . One of their favorites, Trench Town Rock – it is true when the music hits you you feel no pain.

Bob thought us to think big, express yourself, read more to elevate your level of thinking, be more than the status quo Redemption Song.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Sometimes it’s best to keep that information to your self. Not everyone whom you call friend means you well.Who the Cap Fits.

He was a man who loved hard. He was a family man who wasn’t afraid to express his feelings I wanna love you.

Could You be Love – How much do you know about this four-letter verb? It’s not spiteful and it doesn’t boast. Stand in your truth , fight for what you believe in.

Know your history. Our history is big and very powerful. Dig deep and wide, talk to the scholars be a true Buffalo Soldier

Whenever you get weary and want to give up press on. The fight is not over, fight the good fight. Three Little Birds

Strength of a woman. You woman , mother, sister, daughter, aunt, grandma and cousin is strong. You embody grace and dignity. You are the rock on which society will stand firm, the glue that holds everything together. They’ll be ungrateful but No Woman No Cry

Black, Blue, Yellow or White we all are One. It doesn’t matter what your race , origin, religion, sexual orientation we all are One. One Love.

He’s not around but his memory lives on. Bob Marley is an icon in my country and loved by so many across the globe. One Love! Nuff Respect! Irie!

I’ve highlighted some of my favorite and also some of his popular songs. Do Enjoy☺.

Happy Birthday Bob Marley.

Until Next Post, Keep Safe.