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In my Cocoon…

I’ve always thought if I played it safe, followed the rules I’d get ahead in life. I wouldn’t be stuck, I wouldn’t feel trapped. I was wrong, I’ve been wrong. That’s not how the real world works.

Yes rules are there for a reason and like everything else if you break the rules you have to face the consequences. To me it feels that I’ve been following the rules and watching the rule breakers soar ahead.

Have you ever had that thought? I have, I’m having it now as I pour my self into this piece. This is not something I’m hearing from a girlfriend whose venting. This is me feeling all these emotions. I’ve worked proved myself and gotten sidelined over and over again. We have this saying ” A Cat and A Dog doesn’t have the same luck” . Ever since I’ve heard that saying I’ve been playing it safe with everything in my life.

I’m not saying that I’m about to go rob a bank. No, I’m thinking that it’s time to take a stand ,whose to say things will end badly? I mean this feeling and these words have been holding me back and like the butterfly it’s time I break out of that cocoon and soar.

It’s scary, it’s nerve-wracking but I will be better off. Safe feels good, being cautious is ok but nothing fun happens there. The people who makes it big didn’t play it safe. Can you imagine Oprah Winfrey playing it safe after being fired? Or Michelle Obama?

As I write , they’re two things I have to do before I close out 2021 and I know once I’ve unlocked that part of my life, nothing I mean nothing is going to hold me back. I have been holding me back. I’m the one who needs to get out of my head. Stop being an overthinker and think positive , I am and I can. Break free from my cocoon.

I’ve made the first step to recovery admitting fault, it’s invigorating and I feel like now I can take on everything. My mind, I’ve been holding me back, thinking I would fail or I will get in trouble.

Greatness is in me and greatness is in you. A friend of mine have been putting off going back to school because like me they’ve convinced themselves that they’re not good enough, I won’t make the qualifying exams to matriculation. Last night, she called me to view her results , she did the exams ,studied applied herself and in the hour of truth couldn’t bring herself to view the results. She called me ,very anxious, nerves all over the place- Dee ,girl what if I failed, it’s been 20 years, I don’t have anymore time, all the excuses you could think of.

I entered her details and when I saw the results ,I paused for a minute. She was still going on and on about how she doesn’t know what she’d do if she’d fail.

Telling her how smart and amazing she was and how proud I was of her calmed her down a bit. Congratulations πŸ‘you’re going to University. Tears of joy, immediately she started speaking positively believing that after 20years she had fulfilled a childhood dream, go to University. Achieving all this especially in a pandemic with a chaotic family life. My friend has broken her cocoon and now she flies ….

Join us and breakfree from your cocoon. Let’s do this thing together.

Feel free, be free …

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Happy BlogVersary 😊

Hello friends, πŸ‘‹

One year ago I took the plung and did a thing. One year ago I came out of my comfort zone and shared feelings in a space and became apart of a community of creative people who have different interest but one goal, blogging.

After one year, I can attest to the fact that I have learned so much and is still learning how to maneuver this space. Thanks to you all that continues to share with me. I appreciate the support. Blogging is fun, it’s therapeutic. I didn’t know that I would have gotten this far ,I’m still around. You’re still around.

Let’s continue to share and learn from each other. Happy blogversary Deetheory.

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Are you still there? Blogmas Day 16

It’s funny as things seemed to be going great for my blog weird things starts to happen. I finally got some time to check out my favorite blogs, engage and check out the latest happenings.

I’m shocked to learn that I’m no longer able to view my followers. I am not sure if anyone is still here. If you’re still around I’d appreciate it if you not only liked this post but also comment.

I’m just going to take this as an opportunity to start over. Life happens I guess. I have so many things planned out for this blog/website. I’m currently working on my logo and the whole look and feel of it. I’m excited and I can’t wait for you all to see it.

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Secret Santa Gifts – #Blogmas Day 10 & 11

It’s that time of year again when the office is buzzing with excitement for those especially who are still going to work. HR has given everyone to pick their secret Santa’s the budget is $50.00.

Today I’ll be sharing with you some gifts that you can give this Christmas under $50.00.

It’s also important if you can find out if you’re not aware find out what the person you’re treating likes without letting out any clues. Just incase you’re not able to let’s look at some practical gift options that most people will like :

1. Gift Certificate: This gift is as practical as it gets and you can’t go wrong with a gift certificate to someone’s favorite store Bath and Body Works, Amazon, Sephora, Lowes, Target,Walmart or the Spa.

Amazon Gift Card

2. Planner Set – There are some really cool Daily Planners out there. Planners run as low as $10.00 however ensure that you also get some planner accessories to put with that $10 planner. Some of my favorite Daily Planners are : Kit Life Daily (I have a $5 coupon code if you purchase) ,Bloomplanners, Cleverfox

Kitlife Planner

3. Personalized Cups– Most if not all persons in the office loves coffee. Get your secret Santa a personalized Starbucks mug, coffee cups their own coffee maker. Amazon has some good ones under $50 with amazing reviews.

Personalized Starbucks Cup

4. Gadgets – Portable chargers are always useful. I saw some neat 4-in1 desk charger on Amazon that would be a special gift. You can always add a nice airpod case.

4-in-1Charging Station

5. Plush Slippers, Robe or Throw Blanket – it’s going to get chillier in the coming days for most part of the world some places are already experiencing snowfall. A nice cosy set is nice for a female gift.

6. A bonus gift would be a subscription box – There several subscription boxes that are having specials going on that you can purchase. If your Secret Santa is a Book Lover – BOTM, Makeup – Ipsy,BoxyCharm, BirchBox there’s also Sprezza box and Gentleman Club for the gents.

Subscription box

What are some gift ideas you can think of for someone whose looking for something to get their secret Santa?

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50 Friends :) #Blogmas Day 7,8,9

Ive been MIA with good reason but I’m back to just say how awesome it is that I have not 1 or 2 but 50 amazing people who thinks that what I have to say is pretty cool. HellloπŸ€—, Hi πŸ‘‹lol. I’m pretty siked;πŸŽ‰πŸ₯³πŸ₯³ when I started this blog in October I wasn’t really sure how all this would turn out but here we are exactly two (2) months in.

The name is Dee and Deecbooks the blog is just my therapy in a sense. I read books and talk about what I like and or didn’t like. I also share random things that is happening in my daily life. This is my think out loud blog, my e-diary.

I will share this with you, thieves tried to break into our apartment this morning and managed to get some gadgets. They didn’t enter Thank God. My family is ok, I am ok, just a bit shaken up. The gadgets can be replaced and my window.

Be vigilant everyone, as some would say, its also silly season. Some not so very nice persons are on the look out trying to take things that are not theirs.

Thanks again my Deecbookers. We will chat soon πŸ™‚

Until Next time…