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I had just finished my first virtual meeting. I was the host and if I had done these tips beforehand the meeting would’ve been more successful. Thankfully I got a hang of my bearings and completed what was almost a disaster. Covid 19 is still around. Online meetings are still happening. Read my tips so you’re more prepared for your next meetings in 2021.

  1. Do a test run – Dont take it for granted that things will run smoothly. Several factors can influence how your meeting proceeds. Is your internet steady? Is your device that you’re going to connect with compatible with the platform the organizer chooses? A test run with someone using the link provided can make things a 100% better.
  2. Have your material ready: It’s important that you have the information that you’ll be presenting on in one area. Create a folder with the material also have a backup copy of your presentation just in case.

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