Happy Birthday 🎉 – I signed up for Spanish and French Lessons-

Hello friends,

2022 is off to a great start. My word for this year is Intentional.

Intentional– according to Google -adjective – done on purpose; deliberate.

This year I want to be Intentional with everything that I want. I am going to be intentional with my job, family, my relationships and overall my goals.

I often see people sharing the amazing things they have achieved while managing their chaotic lives and frankly that’s something I’ve always admired and wanted for myself. They’ve motivated me to be my best self. I am my biggest motivator and competitor if I want it I can achieve it.

The last time I did French, was in the 8th grade, many moons ago and well Spanish was a fave of mine ,I did it up to first year of College. Last year, someone I followed on twitter , shared how they were able to learn a new language on the app Babbel and Duolingo . Both apps are available on the App and Playstore, they’re free with option to get more if you purchase plans. They’re offering crazy discounts if you sign up for a year plan. I’ve done both and so far so good and I am learning a new language.

Yesterday was my birthday 🥳 🎉🎈🎊. Every year as a gift to myself I purchase something or giveaway something special. This year I kind of went ham and got myself a new IPhone. Yep! Kind of crazy I know. I still love Android of course I still have my Samsung 6S Lite. That’s my baby ☺️. I have been ignoring the itch of getting the new IPad 9 even when Apple and all those sites kept on sending me the discount codes. I have decided that I will not be making anymore purchases for now.

They’re other goals that I would love to achieve in 2022 and beyond and managing my finances will help me to realize those dreams.

I’m excited to learn both French and Spanish. Join me on this journey. Let’s be friends and challenge each other on the respective platforms. Both offers beginner to advance levels and you can schedule your lessons depending on your daily routine. I do 10 and 15 minute sessions and I love that the app also offers practice and live sessions so that I can interact with people who are pretty much beginners.

Happy New Year 🎊

Welcome to Deetheory

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Blogmas Day 8🥳💗

Blogmas Day 1-5 2021

Hi Friends 👋,

I’ve decided to share not one but five days of Blogmas with you. I am in a different timezone as expected and getting settled was a little challenging getting the cell service or Wi-Fi to post.

Things are a little better and I’m hoping I’ll get to share daily posts.

Day 1:

On Day one of Blogmas I participated in my first virtual Carol Service at work. The pandemic is pretty much atill around and gathering are limited so most events are virtual. The production was well pur together and I was super proud of all the team members that participated. The speaker gave us a charge , fed our aspirations and drive to be better and do better. It was refreshing seeing him in that capacity and so too others that gave him a standing ovation. I was given the opportunity to offer the vote of thanks on behalf the team. Christmas is for family and friends, the pandemic has proven that we need to be around our loved ones more so than ever.

Day 2

I packed for my 5 week trip. Spending Christmas 🎄 with my family whom I haven’t seen or been with in a few years. I’m excited and looking forward to New memories.

Day 3-4

I traveled for the first time on Southwest Airlines. The team was very professional and friendly. My only hiccup was being seated beside a rather hyperactive family. Traveling with kids? a hard pass, unless I’m in first class like Kevin’s parents ( Home Alone)

Day 5

Went to the mall sand window shopped 🛍. I’ve made my budget and so far so good. I’m excited for Christmas shopping 🛍.

My Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite #ProductReview

The saying is true – Ask and You shall receive ” I asked for a Samsung Tablet for Christmas (BlogMas Day#1) and as the universe would have it ,my prayers were answered and I received a new tablet- Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite.

I saw this tablet floating around YouTube while I was searching for the perfect alternative to using my phone solely for blogging. The reviews were great and as a new user I’m pretty siked about learning as much as I can. I was gifted some cash over the holidays and I decided to purchase this tablet with a few accessories, go big or go home. This was a gift  on someone else’s budget.

I ordered my Samsung S6Lite 10.4″ 128GB on Amazon for $395.00 . The tablet has three color options , pink,blue and dark gray. I opted for the Dark Gray. Pink is cute but too girly for my taste. I also bought a Fintie case and Keyboard for my new tablet.

The Big Reveal

When I opened the box I was thrilled that I not only received the tablet purchased but I also got a book cover; how cool is that.

About the Tablet:

I’m not a tech guru however here are my thoughts :

1. The Screen Size: This tablet size (10.4″)is a big upgrade from using my cellphone . The screen is a much-needed break from my phone. Watching Netflix and Youtube is fun. Writing on my blog is easier because I can use both hands while I type.

2. The Stylus: The stylus is included in the package. The stylus can be pretty expensive, they can cost you as much as $64.00.The stylus is a backup for typing as you can write on the screen and then it’s translated to text. The stylus is a good addition for persons that are into drawing and lettering, something that I’m interested in learning.

3. Battery life : The battery can give you 18 hours on one charge longer if I’m not watching Netflix.This is good especially when you have a myriad of things doing.

4. Entertainment Value: I can binge all of my favorite Netflix movies. The sound quality and resolution are decent. This is also a step up from my small phone screen.

5. Picture Quality: Since working from home I have been doing more online meetings as well as homeschooling.The quality of the videos are clear we tested it out and the feedback was great. The rear camera has 8MP with the front camera 5MP. The auto focus is sharp.

6. The Tablet is light: This tablet fits perfectly in my handbag, I can take it on the go. I like to take it to the beach where I often like to unwind and relax. This is the perfect travel buddy. I can also catch up on my blog, reading and do research.

Samsung S6 Lite

7. The storage space: I can store all my content with the 128GB internal memory with the possibility to increase up to 1TB. I love options and I’m happy I will be able to add more memory if needed. I know very well that space can be eaten up in no time.

8. The Color Options : This tablet caters to your style and offers three different colors Chiffon Pink, Angora Blue and Oxford Gray.

9. The Case: The sleek case that was given with the tablet adds its personal touch it’s stylish yet convenient. The S Pen has a compartment so you won’t have to worry about misplacing it. They’re several other options available for purchase.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite BookCover
Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite BookCover
Samsung S6 Lite Bookcover and Stylus

10. 4 Months of Ad Free Youtube: This was an offer that was included with the tablet. I could watch uninterrupted videos all day long.


I bought a Fintie Keyboard on Amazon and I love it. The keyboard is light and the keys feels good under my fingers as I type. The support for the tablet is super and there is also a holder for my spen so it won’t get lost.

Fintie Keyboard -Samsung S6 Lite
Stylus Pen Holder -Samsung S6 Lite
Fintie Case-Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite


I don’t have any particular con with this tablet.

I’m happy with my gift and can’t wait to learn all the tricks and tips. This tablet is also going to help me manage all my content on social media.

Thanks for Reading!

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Secret Santa Gifts – #Blogmas Day 10 & 11

It’s that time of year again when the office is buzzing with excitement for those especially who are still going to work. HR has given everyone to pick their secret Santa’s the budget is $50.00.

Today I’ll be sharing with you some gifts that you can give this Christmas under $50.00.

It’s also important if you can find out if you’re not aware find out what the person you’re treating likes without letting out any clues. Just incase you’re not able to let’s look at some practical gift options that most people will like :

1. Gift Certificate: This gift is as practical as it gets and you can’t go wrong with a gift certificate to someone’s favorite store Bath and Body Works, Amazon, Sephora, Lowes, Target,Walmart or the Spa.

Amazon Gift Card

2. Planner Set – There are some really cool Daily Planners out there. Planners run as low as $10.00 however ensure that you also get some planner accessories to put with that $10 planner. Some of my favorite Daily Planners are : Kit Life Daily (I have a $5 coupon code if you purchase) ,Bloomplanners, Cleverfox

Kitlife Planner

3. Personalized Cups– Most if not all persons in the office loves coffee. Get your secret Santa a personalized Starbucks mug, coffee cups their own coffee maker. Amazon has some good ones under $50 with amazing reviews.

Personalized Starbucks Cup

4. Gadgets – Portable chargers are always useful. I saw some neat 4-in1 desk charger on Amazon that would be a special gift. You can always add a nice airpod case.

4-in-1Charging Station

5. Plush Slippers, Robe or Throw Blanket – it’s going to get chillier in the coming days for most part of the world some places are already experiencing snowfall. A nice cosy set is nice for a female gift.

6. A bonus gift would be a subscription box – There several subscription boxes that are having specials going on that you can purchase. If your Secret Santa is a Book Lover – BOTM, Makeup – Ipsy,BoxyCharm, BirchBox there’s also Sprezza box and Gentleman Club for the gents.

Subscription box

What are some gift ideas you can think of for someone whose looking for something to get their secret Santa?

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Giving Back – #Blogmas Day4

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Cues my Andy Williams voice .

One of the harshest realities that hit close to home is that not everyone is as fortune as I am to still have my day job with no loss in benefits. In true Christmas spirit amidst the hustle and bustle of getting the gifts and the whole shebang let us remember those persons who lost their jobs or suffered pay cuts during this pandemic.

I want you to consider the following in giving back. Christmas ,the true meaning is about giving love and sharing hope.

1. Give to your favourite Charities.

2. Prepare meals and give to the homeless.

3. Donate the things you no longer need.

4. Reach out to the nearest community centre or church and volunteer to help out at a soup kitchen.

5. When you’re going shopping pick up and extra item and put a care package for that neighbor or family who is trying to make ends meet.

6. Check in on that elderly person down the road. Not many people can be around their loved ones right now. ( remember Covid-19 protocols)

7. Check in on that family member/friend whom you may think has it all together. The truth is a lot of persons are overwhelmed with everything that is happening and it’s really the thought that counts.

8. Remember the child at the children’s home when you’re going toy shopping ; or you can donate the toys that your child no longer plays with.

What are some of the things we can do to give back this Christmas?

Let’s chat!

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