Six (6) Tips for a Productive Online Meeting

Work From Home started for most persons around March of this year. People have to get accustomed to this new norm of doing things Online. While I like somethings that are done online, I’m still trying to maneuver my way around online meetings. I’m not a very techy person I can help myself and I believe that there’s no problem that a Google search can’t fix.

Today, I had a very important meeting online and while most of my meetings have been via this medium I’m still trying to understand my way around things. It’s no longer sending a calendar invite to meet at a conference room or restaurant but it’s now let’s meet via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. It all boils down to preference and the platform that the organizer chooses.

This is not my first stint with virtual meetings but today I had several glitches I believe going forward can be alleviated.

Here are some lessons that I learnt:

  1. Do a test run – Dont take it for granted that things will run smoothly. Several factors can influence how your meeting proceeds. Is your internet steady? Is your device that you’re going to connect with compatible with the platform the organizer chooses? A test run with someone using the link provided can make things a 100% better.
  2. Have your material ready: It’s important that you have the information that you’ll be presenting on in one area. Create a folder with the material also have a backup copy of your presentation just in case.
  3. Housekeeping: Face to Face they’re certain things that you’re not keen on doing but its sadly being done on a virtual platform. Before the start of your meeting ensure that its communicated across the board how the meeting will proceed – using the raise hand feature, muting their mics when they’re not on speaking to the group, utilizing the chat room instead of interrupting the speaker.
  4. Get Help: You’re not a robot. Its ok to ask for help. Make contact with It ahead of your meeting to go through any cliches that you may experience. You can also have someone monitor the chat while the meeting is going on, as well as, admiting persons into the meeting. Trust me, things will be ran more smoothly.
  5. Meeting Location: Most people have been home from early March. Working from home does have its perks as well as challenges. For a busy mom with child/ren , this could be a challenge. Your location for your meeting while you figure out your home situation is very important. If you’re not fortunate to have a home office I’d suggest your bedroom or living area. All you’ll need is a desk /iron board to rest your laptop, or tablet on facing a blank wall or curtains for backdrop. Sending your kids , pets outside or their rooms while your meeting is going on can make a world of a difference. Not everyone is as understanding as some when they hear your needy toddler asking for something.
  6. Record your meetings – All protocols observed. Do record your meetings just for reviewing and information purposes only. There are always lessons to be learnt from these proceedings.

How do you manage your virtual sessions? Which platform is your favourite? Do you have any other tips for conducting online meetings?

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Allergies – How are you coping? Tips to Remedy the situation – Blogmas Day 15

This time of the year is great and not so great for people with allergies and sinusitis. It’s even worse with the onset of Covid 19 you wouldn’t want to be in public sneezing. The looks alone will make you want to sink into the ground.

I was not always like this but I guess with age and the environment ♻️ things happened. I’ve tried my best to stay away from things that triggers my allergies and when it gets out of control here’s how I remedy the situation:

1. Hot baths are a lifesaver -staying in the shower a little longer clears up my nostrils and I can now breathe a sigh of relief.

2. Get comfy – I always ensure that I have on a pair of socks, comfy pajamas, and my favorite blanket around. Layer your clothing when you’re going out.

3. Garlic Tea – bless the ancestors this remedy has many healing properties.  Garlic tea helps to clear the mucus. I’d recommend travel with mints or have your travel-size toiletries with you. We sure don’t want to move around with garlic breath. Wearing a mask doesn’t help either.

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4. Find your Trigger- Stay away from Dairy- Dairy products are a trigger sadly, I love my pasta, I love my milk and cookies but if I want to be whole and not sneezing like crazy 24/7 I better cut off or lay low on the dairy products. It’s important to find your trigger. Almond milk is a good substitute.

5. Antihistamine– I am not a big fan of popping pills but on last resort I take some histal tablets- they’re drowsy but does the trick. I’d also caution you to check with your doctor before you start taking any form of medication.

Do you suffer with allergies? What kind of remedy to you take to minimize the effects?

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