Ornaments (#Blogmas #Day2 &3

The days are moving by so fast how is it Day 3 already?


According to Dictionary.com :


an accessory, article, or detail used to beautify the appearance of something to which it is added or of which it is a part:


Have you ever wondered how something so small, or bigger, different can make a bland Christmas tree light up the world? I’ve never thought about this before. As I sit in my living room looking at how absolutely beautiful the ornaments have added such liveliness in my home I’m in awe. The different shapes the various accessories everything has added there own oomph to my tree.

Now, where am I going with this you might ask ? YOU, ME, WE are the ornaments that can make this bland world a better place. We are all unique in our own little way. Different personalities, lives,we add that needed exuberance into this chaotic and hectic world. We were hand picked to add VALUE . Be of value to this world. Choose to be the best you , you can be. If you’ve not yet picked out your color scheme or you’re going to wing it , I’m sure you’ll think differently about the ornaments you choose to add that oomph to your Christmas tree. Please have fun while doing so. I wish I had taken stages of my decorating but I’ll share the final product.

P.S I mentioned I was going with the white,gold and silver decor but when shopping I added a little red and green to the mix and wallah I have a very full looking tree.

Christmas 2020

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Where have you been?

Hi Friends,

I have been MIA. I have so much going on and so I took a little break. I was feeling overwhelmed. I am still reading “Home Before Dark” and I selected “Memorial” for my book of the month -November haven’t gotten that as yet.

So I just wanted to check in. Im okay. Just taking a mental break. I am seeing that I have 42 awesome people following my blog thank you so much for the support. For the person whom messaged me on IG (@deetheory) thank you so much for checking in. It means a lot.

I will be back for Blogmas. That’s something I’m super excited to participate in.

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Live your life…

I don’t think we truly ever really grasp the phrase “live your life”… It’s 1:31 am just got up because I felt thirsty. I pick up my phone and decided to browse until I feel sleepy again. I go unto Twitter and before I could scroll to the end all I could see were people saying condolences, I can’t believe this , what about his wife and baby. Curiosity got the best of me and I did a quick search to find out that, one of the persons I interacted with on social media drowned today.

Shock, disbelief, and all the emotions you feel when you hear of death has triggered me. Now I’m up in bed thinking that this person I’ve never met is gone and his wife and 2 year old is without a husband and father. This man who would often take time out of his busy schedule to share with his many followers what you needed to know in the creative industry topped off with daily musings of his adorable daughter.

Not often am I triggered by the death of someone I have never met, but I’m left to think about how he often shared that we should live our lives to the fullest and not wait for tomorrow as it’s promised to no one. Whatever it is that you’re (myself included) thinking of doing to make your life worthwhile you should do it. Stop wasting time thinking about what-ifs, go out, and do that damn thing.

You see this man when he was 20 years old had this amazing idea that would change how people would engage in the creative industry, he met upon naysayers but that never stopped him from living his truest potential. He made it big by the age of 25. He’s now 34 years old. So young, still have so much to do and he never wasted any time listening to people who thought his dreams weren’t valid.

You only have one life, one you, so start somewhere do something. What will be your legacy? Don’t let people or your loved ones say “you know he/she wanted to do this but never got to or was too afraid to start”. Let the people we leave behind be comforted by the fact you did the unthinkable, you went after what you believed in and you were able to leave a mark.

Live your life, don’t wait until tomorrow, I know how scary the thought of doing something you’ve always wanted to do is but you have to just start. Do the thing that makes you scared. It’s ok if you fail but don’t stop and allow the negative to hold you back. Get up and brush yourself off and start again.

Lastly, in living your life hug the people that matter. Cherish your loved ones, don’t take for granted the people that matter. Especially in this time where most people are not able to visit, make that call you’ll be happy you did.

If you’ve read to the end of my ramblings, Thank you 😊, I appreciate it. Live your life….

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