5 PodCasts to Listen Now

Podcasts are my favorite things to listen to these days. I am currently hooked on five in no particular order. Here’s why I think you should listen:

Oprah’s Supersoul Conversations: This podcast is narrated by Ophrah herself which if you are a fan or love listening to her you will understand and know that her voice is strong and very commanding. Her podcast is that pick me up that you want to hear first thing when you get up in the morning. This podcast allows you to tackle and answer life’s big problems and brings you closer to your best self. Listen here

Dead Ass with Khadeen and Devale Ellis: Love Sex Marriage raising kids. This podcast is very relatable it talks about the taboo things that people don’t talk about a lot. I love the relationship between the two and a married woman and mother I can relate to some of the problems that married couples face on a daily. In my head, they’re that married couple that you call to share concerns and just catch up with. Listen here

Redirection with Terri-Karelle: Have you always thought that your life would be a certain way, you set the plans, school, perfect job, perfect boyfriend/husband, kids, the house, and the car. Yet, life has a way of throwing you curveballs. You may get the perfect job but cant gets the perfect husband and vice versa. Redirection talks about rejection being that epiphany for you to unlock your truest potential. Things may never go as planned but how you tackle these changes will determine how you move forward. Terri’s guests are very engaging that you will be left realizing that you have what it takes to tackle the problems and live your truest potential giving you the confidence that is needed. Listen here

Tami Tackles Everything : as the name suggests Tami tackles everything, marriage, parenting and life. It’s refreshing to hear her take on the topics with the   different guests she host on each episode. The topics are relatable and they will give insights causing you to think about changing your mindset and attitude towards change.Tami is a fun listen bonusfor me is catching her  with famly on their Youtube Channel – Meet the Mitchells . Listen here

Girls Gotta Eat : My guilty pleasure. Ashley and Rayna are my BFFs in my head. I love this podcast. I started listening to podcasts in 2019 when I was travelling. Rayna and Ashley kept me occupied on those long flights. They are fun to listen to, I get the girl’s night out feeling whenever I listen, they talk about dating, sex and relationships raw unfiltered truth. I love it, I can binge all day. Listen here

Do you listen to Podcasts? Did I list any of your favorites? Comment your favorite Podcasts I am always looking for recommendations.

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