Why should I be the bigger person?

Did you think that I was going to ignore all the things that you did to make us reach the point ?

For months I’ve been quiet, trying to be the bigger person. Why should I be the bigger person? Fuck that shit! I’m going to let you know that everything you did, everything that you’ve said to hurt me. I trusted you, there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do for you because I considered you my rock.

I’m a fool for allowing my heart to ignore all the signs. There were always red flags but when you’re in love head over heels you are blind to a lot of things.

It’s time to stand up, use your voice don’t allow anyone to make you feel small. Catch your breath, plan your escape. Then and only then will you convince them that you’re serious. You deserve to be loved, respected, and cared for.


Letting Go – (Blogmas Day 18)

I’ve mentioned my friend Sally* before, we were having a conversation today over coffee. It was good to see her. It’s almost midnight and I’ve realized that I haven’t made a post entry. We’ve got to figure out a blogging schedule going forward.

Letting Go- You will not heal until you’ve let go of what broke you; say that again. Those words came up in our conversation and I thought they were very profound.

Letting Go

Do you find it hard to find closure after a bad break up? Do you still feel that you need to give them a second chance because it was “your” fault why that thing happened and if you just gave them another shot things will get better? Do you still find it hard to hold onto that friendship because you grew up in the same neighborhood went to the same middle school? It could be your job, friendship, relationship whatever it is until you let go and rid yourself of the hurt you will not find peace.

2021 is a few weeks away. Start over, find the peace that you truly deserve. Your happiness means more than anything else. Take that leap and let Let Go, you’d be better off for it.Let Go…

Just saw the beautiful woman on Twitter share how she has left her boyfriend of 8 years πŸ™ŒπŸΏπŸ‘ @matthewstam1. I hope they’re other brave men and women like her who chose peace and happiness first. Let Go….

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