Debbie (A Short Story)

Strong-willed, headstrong, independent, thorough are just a few things that people used to describe her.

Deborah or “Deb” was a go-getter, tell it like it is and she knew exactly what she wanted. She was the town’s Seamstress and owned a small boutique store. She had everything except the ring on her finger.Every relationship ended because of heated disagreements. Her only friend Kacy was someone whom she had been friends with from high school. They weren’t always friends but with so many encounters and annoying similarities between the two, they became very good friends.

They lived in a small town where everyone knew each other’s names and nothing was ever a secret. Patty and and Karla were her neighbors, they looked out for her and were awesome babysitters for her two children Mia three (3) and Joshua five (5) years old .

Mother and Children –Family

It was a Thursday afternoon, in Dunkirk. She had just gotten in from work when she found the package on her porch. There was no return address and it was addressed to her. Fear, anxiety, washed her as she tried to figure out who could have sent her this strange package. The kids were with Patty and she got home earlier than expected, they’d be at the park so she figured she’d open it before she had any company.

She hurriedly went to the kitchen pulled out the package opener and there she saw in big bold letters….

To be Continued….

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