Speak Up

Silence isn’t always golden. This is a phrase I shared in 2011 on my Facebook page.

Silence- complete absence of sound (noun) google definition.

I was never one who always spoke up for myself for failure to get on someone’s bad side. All this changed after I’ve realized Silence isn’t always golden. Speaking up allows the other person to know how you’re feeling, whether you’re in agreement or not. It’s important to share your feelings without fear of the outcome.

I’ve been reading books, listening to podcasts talking to people who are very unapologetic about who they are and what they bring to the table. If you’re at a job and you have all the ideas that would make a process work and you don’t say anything, that is to your detriment. How many times have you missed an opportunity to share ideas and even get ahead in life? What has your silence done for you?

After reading the book The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F$@k – Mark Manson it has further cemented me to speak up or focus more directly on what makes me happy. Putting yourself first allows you to strive, to grow and achieve things that you’ve always wanted to achieve.

Whatever you do or say always focus on the bottom line YOU. Ensure that all your encounters leaves you satisfied with your response to any situation. It doesn’t happen over night it takes practice and drive. Never miss another opportunity to shine because you remained silent.

Silence isn’t always golden.

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Update: Covid Experience

So you guys know that I’ve been free of the Covid-19 virus for two years but caught it a week or so ago.

I must say that outside of the positive test I wouldn’t know that I was actually carrying this virus. I woke up feeling awful, that’s typical when I have bad sinus days. The cough was not even an indicator, with change of climate especially around winter I would have days when I just had a cough.

Thankfully I had reasons to take a Covid-19 test I got tested and was able to quarantine. I did so per the CDCs instructions. At the end of the period I did a home test which was negative. I further did a PCR molecular test and that also showed I was negative.

I am thankful for my family who was able to provide support during this time, running errands and or being their on video calls to keep me company. I am also grateful that I did not experience any major problems while being positive and I lived to tell the tale.

Since everything I’ve been double masking to to be extra careful. It would’ve been nicer to not get the virus after being vaccinated, but sh*t happens.

I hope that you all are keeping safe.

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I tested positive

Almost one year ago I shared with you about my Exposure to Covid-19 . Today I come back after being cautious scared almost of catching this virus because I’ve seen and heard the horror stories with a Covid positive test result.

It took me a good ten minutes to fully register the results after I received the email. My sister was the first person I called to share the results. It seemed the universe was playing an awful joke at the time because she also tested positive at work. So two Covid positive test. This is not something I was looking forward to receiving.

The CDC gave some new guidelines regarding quarantine etc. The site where I tested also provided details in the event I needed medical attention.

The only symptom if any I’ve experienced since tested I’d say is a cough but I have allergies so of course it could have been mistaken as allergies, my allergies are chaotic at this time of the year. I’ve been in quarantine for almost 10 days and outside of the on and off cough I haven’t had any other symptoms thankfully.

I’ve been home most days before this result so to think I’ve been “ careful” wearing my mask washing my hands after being out in public. When im home pretty much no mask is worn. I can’t say how I contracted the virus or from whom. I’m vaccinated which I guess is good , no underlying issues that im aware of.

I figure I will wait until the quarantine is over to retest to find out if the virus is out of my system. I’ve read that the virus can remain in one’s system over 3 months I hope that isn’t the case. I will continue to wear my mask and being extra cautious when I’m around people. I would not want to be the cause of transmission to anyone.

Please continue to be careful out there guys so much is happening and you may just never know. Get tested if you are not well even if you may think it is your allergies.

Have a good rest of the day. I will provide an update on my status when I have one. I am in good spirits , drinking my fluids and trying to stay positive.

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Happy Birthday 🎉 – I signed up for Spanish and French Lessons-

Hello friends,

2022 is off to a great start. My word for this year is Intentional.

Intentional– according to Google -adjective – done on purpose; deliberate.

This year I want to be Intentional with everything that I want. I am going to be intentional with my job, family, my relationships and overall my goals.

I often see people sharing the amazing things they have achieved while managing their chaotic lives and frankly that’s something I’ve always admired and wanted for myself. They’ve motivated me to be my best self. I am my biggest motivator and competitor if I want it I can achieve it.

The last time I did French, was in the 8th grade, many moons ago and well Spanish was a fave of mine ,I did it up to first year of College. Last year, someone I followed on twitter , shared how they were able to learn a new language on the app Babbel and Duolingo . Both apps are available on the App and Playstore, they’re free with option to get more if you purchase plans. They’re offering crazy discounts if you sign up for a year plan. I’ve done both and so far so good and I am learning a new language.

Yesterday was my birthday 🥳 🎉🎈🎊. Every year as a gift to myself I purchase something or giveaway something special. This year I kind of went ham and got myself a new IPhone. Yep! Kind of crazy I know. I still love Android of course I still have my Samsung 6S Lite. That’s my baby ☺️. I have been ignoring the itch of getting the new IPad 9 even when Apple and all those sites kept on sending me the discount codes. I have decided that I will not be making anymore purchases for now.

They’re other goals that I would love to achieve in 2022 and beyond and managing my finances will help me to realize those dreams.

I’m excited to learn both French and Spanish. Join me on this journey. Let’s be friends and challenge each other on the respective platforms. Both offers beginner to advance levels and you can schedule your lessons depending on your daily routine. I do 10 and 15 minute sessions and I love that the app also offers practice and live sessions so that I can interact with people who are pretty much beginners.

Happy New Year 🎊

Welcome to Deetheory

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Dealing with Failure

It’s almost that time of the year when I look forward to Blogmas and all the other challenges out there. I also am closer to celebrating my blogversary. Almost 1 year ago I started this blog.

I’m back, I know I’ve been MIA for a hot minute. I took some well needed break and if I’m being honest I still feel that I could use a little more. However, I just wanted to touch base with all the persons who are keeping this blog alive , reading my posts ,liking and sharing it with family and friends. Thank you all.

I also want to say to the people who are struggling to hold on. Its not easy, I know. I have been going to school and trying to do the things that I have ignored to do because of PTSD. One of the worst feelings ever is learning that I have failed something. I’m not perfect and yes, like everyone else you would have learned something, that experience gives you the edge once you attempt it again. I know, however that initial feeling of not being good enough ,that feeling knowing you went in confident and you believed that you got something to only hear no, I’m sorry you have to do it over ,you missed a mark . It’s devastating. I’ve been dealing with this and while I’m getting the help I need it’s tough.

It’s OK. Your feelings are valid. Take every chance you get to heal and push forward. I am doing just that, it’s nerve-wracking, but I believe in you.

How do you deal with failure?

Until next time,


20 Lessons- 2020 My Year in Review

2020 has been a rollercoaster year. It was pretty challenging, to say the least, and if I’m being honest I’d say that I’m extremely proud of how resilient I’ve become.

Here are a few things that I learnt in 2020 :

1. You can Do anything You want – I’ve developed this Can Do attitude over the months in  2020, no longer am I shying away from tasks but I’m taking each challenge as we go along. I’ve learnt to do so much in this pandemic. One thing I’ve learnt was that of my nails. I’m enjoying doing my nails at home. I’ve saved a lot and I plan on continuing.

2. Asking for Help – It’s okay to ask for help. It doesn’t mean you’re weak but this proves that while you Can there’s someone out there who can give that added push that you’ll always need.

3. Family is Everything: This pandemic forced a lot of people to find out who their family was. People can now see who they’re married to what kind of children did they bring into the world etc, This pandemic allowed me time to learn certain nuisances about my partner as well as showed me that family is important.

4. I’m not a Patient person: Teachers deserve all the salary that they ask for and then some. I hated zoom classes, yes there were good days but the tedious operation of the zoom classes was just too much. The teachers who conducted the classes have the level of patience that I can only dream of achieving.

5. Being A Stay at Home mom is not something I’d ever want to do. I lift my hats off to every stay at home mom out there. You all are super heroes. The many nuisances that happens with being a stay at home mom I am not built for. Give me the briefcase I’ll bring home the bacon. The tasks are too tedious and cumbersome.

6. It’s Ok to say No. No is not a bad word. Saying No without further elaborations is good.

7. You Need an Outlet – This in the form of friends, a blog, and or a diary. Your mental health is very important and you have to take care of yourself. It’s always good to share with your friends about a problem that you’re having. Built-up anger and all sort of emotions can eat away at your well being.

8. There is no I in Team. I’ve hated working in groups since college. Working in teams has been a challenge and through the year I’ve realized that the saying “The Chain is as strong as it’s the weakest link ” is true.


9. Rest: Rest is very important. Getting 8 hours of sleep does wonders for your body and mental state.

10. Exercise: It’s important to keep active. I haven’t been as active over the months and I’m paying for it. I took for granted moving about climbing stairs or walking to get something at the store for granted. I’ve changed this and going into the new year I want to commit at least 30 minutes a day to some form of exercise.


11. Saving: I’ve saved a lot and from that habit of saving I was able to take myself out of a few gutters. Thankfully we’ve made it to the 30th day of December. Bill collectors aren’t knocking at my door. It’s important to have a proper budget. See my tips here.

12. Spending time with family and Friends: It took the lockdown to make me realize how much I needed a break just to relax and destress. Take the time you need to relax.

13. Reading: I saw someone share on social media how many books they’ve read in 2019 and I was impressed because that person had a busy schedule ,mom and business and found the time to read. I took the challenge, gave myself 5 books to read. I checked today on GoodReads I have read a total of 15 books in 2020. Reading gives a different perspective on life. It’s also fun.

GoodReads -Deetheory

16. Treat Yourself: You’ve worked hard accomplished a few goals it’s okay to treat yourself to something that you’ve always wanted. It will do you the world of good.

17. Birthdays: Birthdays are very important. This is your day and your day only. Make it special for you. Don’t wait on someone to make it special for you.

18. Work : I love work. At least I have a love hate relationship for work 😆. Who else gets to work from home and calls their boss to let them know that you want to come in an extra day. I love work, I love what I do.

19. I’m Spoilt: I knew this all along 😆. I’m very picky about everything and I’m easily annoyed. I know what I want and if you can’t give it ,I get it myself.

20. It’s Ok to Start Over: Things happened in 2020 that has made me realize that life is not perfect. I’m in control of my destiny. I can always rip the page out start a new chapter and move forward. Yes, human nature will make you feel disappointed but instead of holding onto that feeling give thanks for the experience and the lessons learned. Chances are you’ll never make the same mistakes again. Always have a positive outlook on things.

How was your 2020?

What stood out for you?

Did you learn anything new?

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