Are you an Influencer?

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts lately asking for recommendations for influencers. While you may be on the lookout for this individual/brand. I want to share with you a few things to consider when looking for your influencer.

Who is an Influencer?

An Influencer is someone who has: the power to affect the purchasing decisions of others because of his or her authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with his or her audience. a following in a distinct niche, with whom he or she actively engages.


This definition is the best one I’ve seen. While there is mention of a following, there’s no specific number mentioned. This is to tell you that anyone including you reading this blog, has influenced someone to do something, make a purchase or not.

The main focus of influencing is to consider your “niche” who is your target audience? If you’re a beauty brand and you’re looking for an influencer to push your product. You have to seek out that individual who will not only promote your product but someone more likely to wear your product. Some companies often rush to select the most popular person, through their Instagram and or Tik Tok following; but, does the person with whom you want to be associated with your product have the ability to garner any sales or traction to your business? Will the purchase cause an epiphany among your niche to let them know if they’re not using this particular product then they’re missing out? Let’s face it no one wants to be left out. It is your job to do your research match your product with the best influencer to get that brand recognition or association that you’re looking for.

You may not have the following on Social Media but you have what it takes to be the influencer that a company is looking for.

Here are a few tips to consider when you’re approaching companies for Influencer Marketing:

1. A media kit is very important – this kit should have your portfolio of things you’ve done and are able to do for this particular company.

2. Do your Research: Research is very important. The company you’re pitching wants to know that you’re able to talk to their prospective customers on their behalf. It’s important to know about the product as well as the business you will be working with.

3. Brand Association/Identity: We’ve seen the ads heard the commercials”Be Careful what you post online”. Some might say what about freedom of speech. Yes, it is important to have a voice and be able to share how you feel. However, you’re going to represent the company that you’re pitching for. You can’t be salty Jane online about abortions and wanting to represent a diaper brand. You are a brand and your brand should be aligned with the product or service you want to sell.

4.Create A Plan: Once you’ve done your research you are well on your way to Influence. Brands need the reassurance that they’re getting every bang for their buck. Create the Social Media strategy to get them to the point they’re willing to go.

5. Enhance your knowledge of Social Media Marketing: They’re tips online as well as there is always Google, Youtube, free courses. What is CTR and SEO? for example, it’s important to learn the different jargons associated with this new way of marketing.

Good luck 😊

Until Next Post…