50 Friends :) #Blogmas Day 7,8,9

Ive been MIA with good reason but I’m back to just say how awesome it is that I have not 1 or 2 but 50 amazing people who thinks that what I have to say is pretty cool. Helllo🤗, Hi 👋lol. I’m pretty siked;🎉🥳🥳 when I started this blog in October I wasn’t really sure how all this would turn out but here we are exactly two (2) months in.

The name is Dee and Deecbooks the blog is just my therapy in a sense. I read books and talk about what I like and or didn’t like. I also share random things that is happening in my daily life. This is my think out loud blog, my e-diary.

I will share this with you, thieves tried to break into our apartment this morning and managed to get some gadgets. They didn’t enter Thank God. My family is ok, I am ok, just a bit shaken up. The gadgets can be replaced and my window.

Be vigilant everyone, as some would say, its also silly season. Some not so very nice persons are on the look out trying to take things that are not theirs.

Thanks again my Deecbookers. We will chat soon 🙂

Until Next time…


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Hi, My name is Dee. I recently found myself reading books, something that wasn't a favorite past-time of mine. I read mostly self help books which really changed my outlook on life. Since then I want to share with everybody how reading a page changed my life for the better. I no longer feel depressed and or struggle with anxiety.

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